Great Lakes Diving and Salvage marine construction division primarily serves customers in the civil construction and engineering markets, including federal, state, municipal, and private sector needs.

In addition to underwater construction, we work on other highly technical projects and tasks requiring customized underwater solutions.  Our expertise in both inland and offshore diving services and operations, gives us deep-water infrastructure capabilities that are useful in the industry.

We bring together the resources to handle challenging projects with our project management, engineering, and fabrication abilities—anytime, anywhere. We’re able to create custom solutions, from design and fabrication to implementation.

With our great safety record and experienced crews, we provide support services for platforms, pipelines, and other operations. Our employees have operational experience working on many types of platforms.

Our diving services equipment is portable and can accommodate a diversity of job tasks and work platforms.  In addition, our saturation diving systems can be further configured to accommodate a variety of deck layout plans. Fill out our Contact Form below or visit our Contact Us page to team up with Great Lakes Diving and Salvage and discover our three locations today.

  • Dam Repairs
  • Bridge Repairs
  • Marine Construction
  • Power Plants (fossil and nuclear)
  • Deep Penetration Dives 2,000 ft +
  • Pipeline/Sewer Repair and Placement
  • Inspections . . . Levels . . I . . . II . . . III Video & Still Camera
  • Underwater Cutting & Welding (AWS certified procedures)
  • Outfalls
  • Cable Runs
  • Ships Husbandry
  • Haz-Mat Related Diving
  • Recoveries and Other Salvage Needs
  • Dredgins Mechanical & Diver Assisted
  • Underwater Cutting & Welding (AWS certified procedures)
  • And Much More……


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